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Patio Doors

Patio Doors

The Victorian Series Patio Door is the industry's most reliable and versatile Sliding Patio Door. The above-average 5 7/8" tubular extruded uPVC frame combines the latest technology, quality and decorative features with heavy duty performance and uncompromising durability. The Victorian’s triple frame ensures a shatterproof door that will give you many years of maintenance-free performance.

Patio Doors


Doors are available for purchase in both our StoneGate line and our WoodGate line.

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See how our customers have incorporated Huron's Windows and Doors into their homes and businesses.

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  • Door Configuration
  • Exterior Options
  • Grille Options
  • Glass Options
  • Interior Options

Door Configurations

Huron Window Corporation’s NAFS certified doors have been giving customers peace of mind for more than 35 years. Above and beyond our industry-leading craftsmanship, quality and service, our door selection offers an abundance of style and colour options so you can welcome guests to your home with your own signature touch. Huron doors undergo the same rigorous testing and quality control as all of our products so you can rest assured your door is made exactly to your specifications, and will be strong, secure and maintenance free for years to come.

XO - Left Hand Sliding Patio Door

Left hand sliding
Patio Doors - XO Build
X = Sliding Panel
0 = Fixed Panel

XO - Left Hand Sliding Patio Door

Left hand sliding
Patio Doors - OX Build
O = Fixed Panel
X = Sliding Panel

Exterior Options

Brickmould Options

Brickmould is the outside casing around your door, and is used to fasten the door frame to the wall. Selecting the right Brickmould is key for ensuring your door is well integrated into your home.

1.25 J Brickmould 0- thumb

1.25" J Brickmould

With an integrated J Channel on the side to accommodate your home’s exterior siding, the 1¼" J Brickmould is ideal for new home construction.


2.5 J. Brickmould Thumbnail

2.5" J Brickmould

Along with an integrated J Channel to accommodate your home’s exterior siding, the 2½” J Brickmould offers the additional benefit of a wider surround to further enhance the beauty of any home, while saving you money on purchasing additional brickmould materials.


snapcap brickmould thumbnail

Snapcap Brickmould

The Snap Cap Brickmould is ideal for homeowners looking to replace their home entry door without having to damage the home’s exterior finish. Whether you have stucco or siding,


color tool

Colour Options

Set your imagination free and see our product in action! Explore a range of colour options that will allow your Huron products to stand out and showcase your signature style. With 24 different colours to choose from in our selection of Spectrum® paints, you’ll be sure to find a hue to suit any style or trend.

All Spectrum® paints go through an extensive testing process in our in-house facility to ensure they are durable, hardy and weather-proof so you can have peace of mind knowing your finish won’t chip or flake - ultimately saving you worry and hassle, and keeping more money in your pocket.

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Grille Options

Grille Patterns

Internal Grilles are available in every Huron Window Corporations' Patio Doors to add a traditional, contemporary or elegant look to your home. All Grilles are contained between two panes of insulated glass; requiring no maintenance, stay dust free and secure. The glass surface remains smooth and easy to clean. Grilles are available in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes and colors to suit the architectural design of Your Home.

patio grille patterns - thumb

Grille Sizes and Colours

patio grille colors - thumb

5/16" White, Gold, and Pewter Grille Sizes available upon request. Please contact us for more information..

Glass Options

Triple Glazing

“Go Green!” In today’s world, this seems to be everywhere and on almost all of the products we use. With windows, Triple glazing is the only logical choice for maximum energy efficiency and home comfort.

go green
Compare Triple vs. Dual Glazed
Dual Glazing

Huron Window Corporations' Dual Glazing option works as an insulator (for retaining heat and preventing cooling) allowing you to increase your home energy efficiency and comfort.

Interior Options

PVC Interior Casing Options

The PVC Interior Casing is a decorative trim that covers the inside edge of the jambs and the rough opening between the door and the wall. Our selection of 2” and 3” widths provide you with options, whether you’re renovating a room or building a new home entirely.

Sylvan Wood Grain Interior Casing Options

Dress up your PVC interior trim with one of our authentic wood grain finishes from our Sylvan offerings. The varied woodgrain options (Boston Cherry, Hillside Oak, Russian Maple and American Natural) are perfect for introducing an element of classic elegance and warmth into your home.

american - thumb
cherry - thumb
hill side oak - thumb
Russian casing - thumb


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