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Woodgate Door Series

Huron Window Corp.'s dedication to the many professionals in home design and construction allow them the facilities to realize dreams to reality. We are dedicated to providing architects, designers, engineers, contractors and builders with the services and products you need to complete your project. The technical information in this section consists of basic cross section drawings.

Note: These files are not to CAD spec, however we are able to provide more technical files as required.

Please make note of the drawing number you are interested in and contact Corporate Sales at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wood Gate Door Series

• 4-9/16" Jamb & 1-1/4" J Brickmould
• 6-9/16" Jamb & 1-1/4" J Brickmould
• 4-9/16" Jamb & 2-1/2" J Brickmould
• 6-9/16" Jamb & 2-1/2" J Brickmould
• 4-9/16" Jamb & 2-1/4" Wood Brickmould
• 6-9/16" Jamb & 2-1/4" Wood Brickmould
• 4-9/16" Jamb & 1-1/2" Snap Cap Brickmould
• 6-9/16" Jamb & 1-1/2" Snap Cap Brickmould

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